About the Techno-Commercial Seminar:

Rising oil prices are everybody's concern. It is especially hurting large fuel users like transportation sector where fuel cost contributes over 80% of their operating costs. An in-house renewable green diesel manufacturing unit with stable/decline fuel prices can become an excellent opportunity to hedge risk & go far ahead as compared to competitors. This technical seminar is planned to presents in-depth knowledge about establishing a Renewable Green Diesel Manufacturing Unit either as an in-depth project or as a standalone venture. 

This techno-commercial seminar is being held for entrepreneurs, corporate & co-investors who are seeking business opportunities in next generation biofuels sector. This seminar will provide an opportunity to understand the modalities to enter trillion $ next generation cleanfuels sector with technological, marketing and venture fund support from Growdiesel-India's no.1 renewable oil & gas organization. 

A once in a life time opportunity for visionary corporates, entrepreneurs, small and medium companies to attain a Self Sufficiency in Fuel Sector. With Growdiesel's unique Private Equity offering, you can NOW own wells that shall produce renewable crude oil and gas forever, just like Arab Sheikhs. This techno-commercial seminar offers attendees a unique opportunity for learning about cleanfuels industry and opportunities. The topics will focus on venture funding and value creation opportunities to earn 100% return on your investment from very first year onwards.

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Techno-commercial seminar on How to attain
Self Sufficiency in Fuel Sector:

Techno-Economic-Feasibility of establishing a Renewable Green Diesel Manufacturing Unit
Friday, 16th May 2014 from 10.00 AM to 5.00 PM, New Delhi

Sessions to be covered:

Session-1: Introduction of Growdiesel Venture

Growdiesel Ventures has readied a complete package that consists of proven technology, 100% backend support and private equity support so that all the companies in Growdiesel Ventures portfolio are 100% successful.

Session-2: Techno-economic-feasibility of establishing Growdiesel ROGWELL

A once in a life opportunity for visionary corporates, entrepreneurs and small & medium companies to own ROGWELL-Renewable Oil & Gas Well. With Growdiesel's unique offering, you can NOW own wells that shall produce renewable crude oil and gas forever, just like Arab Sheikhs.

Session-3: Think BIG & Begin Small-Opportunity to enter multi-crore renewable oil and gas sector with moderate investment

How to earn Rs.50 lacs per year for next 20+ years on your personal investment of Rs.50 lacs?

Session-4: One to one consulting session and issue of term-sheet

These sessions shall be FREE for the delegates on the sideline of the seminar. Entrepreneurs who wish to start their project within next six months can request for this "FREE Session". If you have a strong determination to serve mother earth and make differences in the lives of millions of people, you are the right candidate for this project.