Commercialization of Biofuel Machines through appointment of sales & service dealerships all over the World

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This session is especially designed for private equity company, entrepreneur, small & large corporates to enter in this billion dollar industry

This session is especially designed for SME who can enter this business with small investment of Rs. 100 lacs/- and earn upto Rs. 3 Cr/-.(upto 70% Loan Available)

This session is especially designed to understand the basics of Renewable Crude Oil, along with current and expected futuristic developments in this international cleanfuels sector.

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  • Corporate who wish to have captive source of fuels to ensure fuel security
  • Energy producers/Oil companies
  • Entrepreneurs and would be entrepreneurs
  • Recently redundant employees who may have some funds and are now looking at other career options and business opportunities
  • Recently pass out technical students who wants to start their own business or establish a project
  • Small & Medium Enterprises
  • Investors , venture capitalists and private equity companies 
  • Govt. and municipal agencies




Organized by Growdiesel,  representing renewable oil & gas organization. Golden Opportunity To Take Dealership Of Renewable Oil & Gas Manufacturing Machine Summit 2016 is world's first summit in this sector. As we know in coming future, people will use renewable cleanfuels such as Green Diesel, Green Petrol, Green Aviation Turbine Fuels and others produced from Green Crude. Because our current rate of fossil fuel usage will lead to a fuel crisis this century.

Renewable Crude is a crude oil that is produced by renewable sustainable feedstocks like waste, biomass, alage and other sources. The renewable crude oil can process as the same as current crude oil in existing refineries and produce drop-in cleanfuels. These fuels are direct replacement of current transportation fuels that meet BIS,  ASTM  and other global standards of current fossil fuels. Cleanfuels produced from Renewable Crude Oil are environment friendly, cost effective and can scale to any level.

Who Should Attend The Summit

Available Projects for Commercialization of Renewable Cleanfuels Production
Announcing the Arrival of Renewable Crude Oil - An Introduction

Discover The Art & Science OF Converting Sustainable Feedstock to 

Renewable Crude Oil

Golden Opportunity To Take Dealership Of Renewable Oil & Gas Manufacturing Machine Summit 2016

As our analysis Renewable Crude Oil project offers a great opportunity for entrepreneurs/investors to own renewable crude oil & gas producing assets (just like Arab Sheikhs). Owning a renewable crude oil & gas producing asset is like owning your own currency printing machine. The price of fuel shall always be on the rise. While most of the projects depreciate with time, renewable crude oil & gas projects shall appreciate with time.

Growdiesel is pleased to invite you to the Golden Opportunity To Take Dealership Of Renewable Oil & Gas Manufacturing Machine Summit 2016 in New Delhi, India. The summit is focused on renewable crude oil production using sustainable feedstocks such as waste, alage, biomass and others. This summit offers many value added opportunities for investors, entrepreneurs, corporates and others to start their own project.

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