Growdiesel has organized eight highly successful international summits & workshop "Algae Biofuel Summit 2008" , "Energy Farming Summit 2009" , "2nd Algae Biofuel Summit 2009" , "Algae Biofuel Workshop 2010" , "NextGenFuels 2010" , "FutureFuels 2011" , "Clean Fuels Conclave 2011" , "Renewable Oil & Gas Summit 2012" & "Next Generation Cleanfuels 2013" in India. These programs were attended by researchers, scientists, top management experts and delegates from over 20 countries across the globe. For more details about Growdiesel please visit

Growdiesel - Organizer & Faculty of IRCOS 2014

Mission Statement

To be a leading provider of excellent medical, engineering, and management online education.

Golden Opportunity To Take Dealership Of Renewable Oil & Gas Manufacturing Machine Summit 2016

Petroleum gets formed by the compression of fossil and all types of organic matter like algae/biomass/waste over millions of years. Growdiesel has developed cutting edge technologies, equipment and catalysts to do it minutes. Growdiesel is now establishing modern manufacturing facilities to produce advanced renewable cleanfuels known as Growdiesel NextGenFuels™.

All the sessions of the summit will be presented by Growdiesel Experts. Growdiesel is a cleanfuel exploration and production organization dedicated to the cause of environment, energy and empowerment of masses. Growdiesel's core business is to produce and sell renewable cleanfuels. Our specialization lies in developing high-risk ideas into high-value businesses.

Growdiesel was founded with a belief that it is possible to transform the future, to take steps and make differences to the lives of millions of people. In line with this core belief, Growdiesel remains focused to develop businesses with "Triple Bottom Line"addressing the aspects of economic, social and environmental benefits.

Discover The Art & Science OF Converting Sustainable Feedstock to 

Renewable Crude Oil